Keep your favorite wines and other beverages tidy with stylish racks and shelves

Home bars are a popular feature in home design today and not just as a place for swilling a pint of beer, but also for family members and party guests to help themselves to any manner of drinks — espresso, juice boxes, fine wine and serious mixology.

In designing home bars, Wine bottles are out of the crates and serving as decoration at many home bars these days. They can easily light up your bar and bring the happy-hour mood.

Here are some thoughts about wall decorative wine racks to store and display your bottle collections, and some great ideas for you to get started.


4 Types of Wall Decorative Wine Racks

1) Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-mount wine racks often do the double duty of holding wine bottles and providing some extra decoration like a piece of artwork you hang on the wall.

The great thing about stackable wine racks is that they can expand as your wine collection does. You can buy one set of racks and purchase more as your collection grows over the years. Because of their simple style and design, you can continue to stack and line them up in your wine room or cellar as your collection increases in size.

Modern American Wine Rack

2) Built-in Wine Cabinet

Wine Storage rooms built-in under the stairs are getting more and more popular. There’s no doubt that it is such an Ingenious way to smart used the space to store and display your wine collections. With proper design and the right wine cabinet style, it makes instant wall art.

                                                        Image from Houzz

3) Ceiling Hanging Wine Racks

I have to admit that ceiling hanging wine rack will always be the ONE if I can only choose one among all the wine racks out there. They are such a classic style element in any bar. Besides, you get to display your wine glasses collection along with your wine bottles. And you can’t have a wine party without glasses. Well, technically you can.

Ceiling Hanging Wine Rack

4) Custom Wine Racks

Custom wine racks are a great option if you are a serious collector. They are better making full use of your space while holding as many as bottles. Also, you probably want to customize the rack to hold various shapes and sizes of bottles, such as magnum-sized bottles.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Wine Rack

There aren’t too many different factors to consider in your search, but each of the four main considerations you should make are important to identifying the wine rack that works best for your needs.

1. Size and Capacity

When choosing a wine rack, it is very important to think about its capacity and how much space it will occupy.

Smaller wine racks that store between four and sixteen bottles are more flexible and can be hung on your wall or ceiling easily.

If you have a large collection or aim to really grow your collection, custom wine racks or built-in wine cabinets are better suited to your needs.

Wall Hanging Wine Rack

You also need to consider the type of bottle you're packing into the rack. A regular size bottle holds 750 ml of wine and is 11”-13” high by 2”-4” wide, however, if you like to get magnum-sized bottles, then you’ll need a wine rack that can hold the various shapes and sizes.

2. Styles and Looks

For many buyers, the design of a wine rack might be the most important consideration, especially for wall decoration. Why not buy something that turns your wine bottles into art? You can find colorful wine racks, ones with a modern design, ones that provide a rustic look, and many that provide a touch of elegance.

arge Wine Rack Wall Mount with Stemware Storage

Metal wall-mounted Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

With a modern and elegant look, this wine rack not only stores 16 wine bottles but also displays your glassware and other liquor bottles, making it perfect for a home bar






3. Material

The two most common materials used to make wine racks are wood and metal. Wood racks have a more traditional appearance and usually come in earthy colors that many people find appealing. Metal racks are usually black, silver or gold, but can also be found in other colors. Many of the racks that have a more modern or industrial look come in metal.

There is no definitive answer as to which type of rack is better. It mostly comes down to your personal preference and which one looks better in the space where you plan to put your wine rack.

4. Cost

For many shoppers, this will be one of the most common considerations. Large, high-capacity wine racks can become quite expensive – costing over $1000 in some cases. Small wine racks with a more simplistic design, on the other hand, can cost as little as $10.

When opting for a hanging or wall-mounted wine rack, it may be worth spending a bit more on really good quality ones to minimize the risk of your nice wines being destroyed if the rack falls.

Aurtem offers discounts on wine racks from time to time, so you can save money while also getting the wine rack that best suits your needs.

5. Extras

Some wine racks go beyond providing a space to store wine and will also serve as a table, offer cabinets, or provide a drawer for wine accessories. While many shoppers won’t find these options necessary, they can be nice to have and save you money in comparison to buying those items separately.

Hope you can find some ideas to take away for choosing wine racks for your home bar. If you don’t find any existing wine racks that suit your needs, or simply just want to personalize one, talk to Aurtem. Let Aurtem design or customize one for you.

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