With the holidays just around the corner, it's a great time to start looking for gifts for everyone on your list. Besides romantic or funny gift ideas, don’t forget to add these great home decor gift ideas to your list!

These 12 best gifts for the home are not just good gifts to your friends and families, but also to yourself, and good stories to add to your home collection.

When it comes to unique and thoughtful gifts, there's no better than a handcraft homey gift they will enjoy every day!

And with these personalized, beautiful, and unique ideas, you're sure to impress them and put a smile on their faces this year.

1. A coffee in the morning with someone beautiful…..

Walnut Live edge Island Gradient Blue Epoxy Round Coffee Table

A live edge wood epoxy ocean coffee table and a chair in a white background.

epoxy coffee table

This coffee table is a real conversation piece. With some of the curliest grain patterns, live edge wood and gradient blue epoxy, this round coffee table comes in the most stylish way.

It creates a natural realistic ocean view, and the embedded two boats that are cutting through waves bring the table alive!

2. Meditation: Doing little, achieving a lot

White Resin Yoga Sculpture Meditation Pose Table Decoration Zen Figure

A white yoga pose sculpture in a one-leg across the standing leg position sitting on a table.

This handcrafted ornamental figurine features a yoga master, deep in thought while in a balancing standing position with one leg crossed on the standing leg, hands together at the center of the heart.

The whole piece is given a clean, white matte finish, and will make a suitable display for your office, living room, yoga studio, or bedroom. Also a perfect gift to friends and family, or anyone who is passionate about yoga.

3. Run wild with horses

Large Horse Head Modern Fiber Reinforced Plastic Figure Wall Decor 3D

Large Horse Head Modern Fiber Reinforced Plastic Figure

Add life to your walls with this beautifully crafted horse head wall mount. This amazingly detailed, 3D horse sculpture will add a vibrant ambiance to your room and make everyone impressed. The sideway style takes less front space which is a thoughtful design.

4. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings

Modern Angel Wings Feather Resin Large Wall Hanging Home Art Decor

Angel Wing Feather Wall Sculpture

Wing décor can give a room an instant lift. This feather wing sculpture is inspired by natural feathers which symbolize lightness and new beginnings. Adding an art piece like this will move your room from feeling stuck on earth to floating on air.

And don’t be surprised that this will be the hottest spot for pictures of your guests.

5. A Travel to Space sounds cool

3D Astronaut Spaceman Sculpture Heavy Plastic Home Decor

3D Astronaut Sculpture Spaceman Figurine Wall Mounted Ornament Heavy Handcrafted Wall Art Statue Home Decor

Your family will surely be pleased with this elegant figure decoration that adds an art ambiance to your home. This 3D astronaut wall sculpture is not just a dream come true piece for kid’s room decoration, but also great for a living room or dining room.

6. Tapestry that has the same positive energy as Home

Hanging a beautiful fabric tapestry or rug on the wall is a good way to add warmth and excitement to a room. This multi-color blocking tapestry is sure to add some life to any space and make the room feel more inviting. Close your eyes, you might even smell and feel sunlight shine on you.

7. Fun things to hang

Modern Wall Decor – Unique Iron Hanging Metal Art

Consisting of striking hues of grey, beige, brown, and different tones of blue, this metal wall art adds a fun feel to your room. It includes several vibrant circular discs arranged together to spruce up your space. Its seamless design and timeless appeal make it the focal point of any room you hang it in.

8. A gift of a timepiece

Mid-Century George Nelson Ball Clock Replica

George Nelson Ball Clock

One of the reasons why a clock is a meaningful gift is because it is often necessary, in a form of a wall clock or watch. A clock is one of the ornaments that people will have in almost every room, despite that people read the time on their phones or computers very often nowadays.

A colorful yet elegant and classic wall clock like this is a fantastic addition to dining rooms and living rooms.

9. Sculpture or light? Why not both.

Astronaut Statue Floor Sculpture

Astronaut Statue Floor Sculpture

This modern astronaut sculpture is a great piece to add to your living room for a very interesting, inviting presence. It is made from fiberglass which is very durable, and also available in different sizes and colors.

10. Free-standing sculptural light

Large Tall Floor Sculpture Standing Abstract Woman Figure with LED Light

Large Tall abstract Floor Sculpture holding 5 lamps

This tall freestanding sculpture is adorable that everyone will like. What’s even better is that it is also a standing lamp. If I had this sculpture in my home, I would salute it and stretch my back like it does every time I passed by.

11. Coasters

Wood Coasters for Drink Personalized Epoxy Resin Olive Wooden

Resin Wooden Coaster

One really can never have too many coasters.

Coasters are one of those accessories that people are unlikely to buy for themselves, but love being gifted. Coasters are great because they can add a bit of style and personality to your space in an understated way, and these handmade wood and resin with ink coasters will do just that.

And if you love DIY, these wooden resin coasters are a good resin size project for you to start. 

12. A gift for wine lovers: Store your bottles in style

Wall Hanging Wine Rack

This wine rack idea is more a gift to yourself than to your friends, as wine bottle storage is better with some planning and design to best fit space and style.

If you collect bottles over time, you're left with a delightful problem: What do you do with your growing collection? This easily installed wine rack is great for a large wine collection, and it is a fun statement piece that can show off fun labels, maybe in a casual dining area or a kitchen.

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