Epoxy tables have refined the dining table and can transform the living room.

The image that the phrase "dining table" conjures up for me is of a warm, inviting piece around which family and friends gather. Maybe there's a steak salad and a glass of wine. Maybe there are mugs of steaming coffee. Maybe there’s a puzzle in progress. Maybe there are kids painting and drawing on the table. It's a lovely vision.

If you intend to shop for a dining table you’ll have forever, an epoxy table may be the perfect option. Not only can you customize epoxy tables to perfectly match your desired aesthetic, but with proper care, they can last for decades.

What is it about the epoxy wood table that we find so appealing?

They are so unique and eye-catching and sure to be the focal point of their surroundings.

The best thing about resin wood tables is they come in a diverse range of colors and designs. The options are limitless and beyond imagination.

If we think about it, natural wood, live edge slabs, form with sand, rocks, sea stars, shells, fish, waves . . . they can all be injected with crystal clear or colorful resin. It's like Alice in Wonderland! Maybe it's the magical combination, maybe it’s the ethereal quality. Or maybe it has to do with how all these things bring up memories of a vacation trip. You can’t help yourself but want to have one!

Really, who doesn’t like to have breakfast every morning on the beach, looking at the ocean and sea stars, shells, and maybe even butterflies.

Besides, the resin table is very durable and can last for decades. Once the resin hardens, it results in a long-lasting solid surface. The glossy finish lasts for many years, and you don't need to reapply the coat from time to time. Unlike other tabletop materials and coating, the durable finish of resins does not crack. And Aurtem is proud to provide lifetime customer service for the epoxy table you order from us.

There are more benefits of having an epoxy table. They are food-safe-touch, heat resistant, easy to clean, and resist the growth of bacteria and molds.

The drawback is that epoxy resin table is typically made to order, which means the lead times are a few weeks and the prices are higher. But remember that you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece that all your friends will be jealous of. So, it's definitely worth the splurge.

Popular Resin Table Styles Right Now

If you're ready to upgrade your living space with a more sophisticated table, take a look at these epoxy table beauties for inspiration.

Ebony Wood Live Edge Epoxy River Table with Rocks

Epoxy Resin Table

Live Edge Walnut Epoxy Ocean Table

Epoxy Resin Table

Black Resin Table with Live Edge Walnut

epoxy resin table

Crystal Resin Live Edge Wood Rive Coffee Table

Epoxy Resin Table

Epoxy Waterfall Table with Glowing Blue Resin

Blue Water Resin Table with Maple Leafe Butterfly Rocks – A table of your favorite collections

Custom Epoxy Resin Table


Before you go, we want to wrap up some tips on how to Maintain Resin Table for you.

Although resin is a durable material, following these basic suggestions for proper care can extend the life of your resin table tops:

Don't Use Abrasives: A gentle rub with a sponge and soapy solution takes care of most of your problems. So, don't use abrasives or rigorous scrubbing on resin tabletops. Similarly, avoid using wax or polishes that contain wax.

Opt for the Right Type of Cleaner: For your regular weekly or monthly cleaning, cleaning the resin tables with dish soap is sufficient. In case of a stubborn stain, consider using a cleaner specifically designed for epoxy resin tops. However, ensure that you test the cleaner in a small area and use these solutions conservatively so that the surface does not look hazy or dull.

Use Shades or Umbrellas to Outdoor Space: Resin outdoor dining tables require a different care routine than its indoor counterparts. The all-weather proof resin is a popular material for outdoor use. To retain its glossy shine and maintain its long life, use shades or umbrellas to cover them. Additionally, you can consider alternating the tables or storing them away when not in use for long durations.

Check Nuts, Bolts, and Coating of Resin Tables on a Regular Interval: If yours is a busy restaurant that witnesses high traffic, continuous shifting or moving of tables might loosen the nuts and bolts. Especially for outdoor use, while the resin tabletop might be water-resistant, metallic bases, nails, nuts, or bolts might have water damage or rust formation.

Use Dish Soap to Remove the Visible Marks: Accumulated dust or visible stain marks are a common sight in restaurant furniture. Use dish soap to remove the stubborn marks on the table. While doing so, start with the lower concentration. If the visible marks are due to scratches or chipping, you must follow a more rigorous regimen.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes: Although resin is a tough material that offers sufficient heat resistance, sudden temperature changes might soften it. As a result, your tabletop might lose its luster and appear uneven or dull. While it's okay to use hot bowls or dish plates directly on resin tables, use stands or pads for hot plates or sizzlers.


The dining table is not only a gathering spot for family and friends, but also a focal point in the home. With its refined design, an epoxy table can easily become the centerpiece of any dining room or living room. Have fun designing your dream table and let us help you make it come true.

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