Product pick of the Week: Beautiful Things You Can Feel Good About Buying

Give your living room, dining room or kitchen an interesting touch to make a strong impression and impress your guests.

To add an interesting touch to a space, it is not necessarily something about the size or price, but more the feeling or memories it brings to you. 

There are so many beautifully made and wonderful hand-crafted products for you to choose from.

Here are 8 stunning pieces that caught my eye, from Astronaut floor sculptures to Hexagon wall mirrors to handmade tapestries.

I think you’ll find these products equally appealing too.

Astronaut Statue Floor Sculpture

This modern astronaut sculpture is a great piece to add to your living room for a very interesting, inviting presence. It is made from fiberglass which is very durable, and also available in different sizes and colors.

Astronaut Statue Floor Sculpture

Modern LED Light Abstract Floor Sculpture

If you have a long hallway or cozy living room, a tall, freestanding sculpture gives the space interest without adding clutter. What’s even better is that it is also a standing lamp. If I had this sculpture in my home, I would salute it and stretch my back like it does every time I passed by.

Large Tall Floor Sculpture

Astronauts and Stars Outer Space Wall Decoration

If you don’t have the floor space for a sculpture, look to your walls instead. Almost every room has space for a wall-mounted sculpture, like these Astronauts and Stars Outer Space Wall Décor, makes you wonder what it feels like floating in space.

Modern Large Resin Astronauts

Hexagon Metal Frame Wall Mirror Set with Gold Finish

The human brain can easily be tricked, and mirrors are great at creating the illusion of space and bouncing light around a room. This intentionally messy form wall mirror creates a multi-world illusion while setting a dramatic or reflective tone.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Art Hand-woven

Unlike a framed painting, a tapestry has movement because it hangs from a rod with decorative finials. Hanging a beautiful fabric tapestry or rug on the wall is a good way to add warmth and excitement to a room.

This particularly multi-color blocking tapestry is sure to add some life to any space, and make the room feel more inviting. Close your eyes, you might even smell and feel sunlight shine on you.

Modern Wall Decor – Unique Iron Hanging Metal Art – 3D Sculpture

Walls come alive with 3D art. They create a virtual punch and turn a wall into a show.

I never contemplated that a few various sized golden bars could make a lovely decorative item until I saw this one. I love that it looks so simple, just arranged vertically and horizontally with each other, yet it creates an impression of boundless space to the room.

Modern wall art

George Nelson Asterisk Clock Numberless Modern Creative Clock

Decorating with black.

The George Nelson Asterisk Clock is a truly innovative and modern take on the classic black and white clock. The simple design and clean lines of this clock are sure to add a sense of calm to any room, while the black and white color scheme makes it easy to incorporate into any existing décor.

George Nelson Asterisk Clock

What's your inspiration for the week? Tell us in the comment. 

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