Epoxy is a common material that you may or may not have heard of before. It is used to make things that people use in everyday life, e.g., for paint coating of your car, chips in your phone, epoxy dining table in your dining room, solvent-free epoxy coating for drinking water tank, etc.

And of course, the application of epoxy goes way more than that. With modifications to the properties of epoxies, they have been widely used in all different fields, from industrial and construction applications to marine and Aerospace applications, to biology, to electronics and art crafts.

Coffee Table With Turquoise Epoxy Resin And Timber Live River Edge

In this article, we will talk about the epoxy tables and explain to you why they are so strong and can last for decades.


What is an epoxy table?

An Epoxy Resin Table is a piece of furniture artistically made from epoxy resin and wood plank. Often the wood plank has natural edges, and the resin forms a river or ocean effect in between the wood slabs, embedding some artistic elements like rocks, shells, sand, model-tree, model-fish……

If you already have an epoxy table, or looking to buy or make one by yourself, you will likely ask how long can the epoxy table last? Is the epoxy and wood bonding strong enough?

How strong is an epoxy table?

A durable table should be good at handling weight and don’t wear out over time. To meet these, an epoxy wood table is far more durable than a wood table even though a solid wood table is already pretty strong.

We can’t just tell you how exactly strong an epoxy table is, but we can show you some testing videos so you can see it for yourself. Below are two of the great testing videos made by YouTubers that are super fun to watch. A big piece of wood log with a sharpen side face down hanging above an epoxy table.


An incredible video of the epoxy table strength test through weight and “log hammer” hit test. In the video you will see that the epoxy table is not even bowing at all with a 2000-pound log on top of it, that is pretty amazing. And for the hitting test, they use an 840lbs oak log with a sharp point and drop it from about 2 meters high onto the epoxy table. Well, it did break the epoxy table, but you can see that the epoxy wood bond did not break even a single point, the weak part is the wood.

This is another great testing video.


Watch them torture an epoxy countertop! It is quite hard to watch them trying to break a beautiful countertop, but it is impressive to see how the epoxy countertop holds up.

And this brings us to why epoxy is so strong.

Epoxy has an excellent performance in compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, and bond strength. As used to make epoxy tables, that means they are very good at holding weight, and not easy to break in tension, epoxy and the wood-epoxy bonding part are much stronger than the wood part.

Compressive strength is the ability of the material to handle weight. A typical compressive strength value for epoxies is about 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch) and work their way up from that. To put this into perspective typically quality concrete has a compressive strength of about 3,000 psi. Black Walnut is 7,580 psi (Compress. Parallel to Grain) and 1,010 psi (Compress. Perpendicular to Grain)

a comparison of Parallel to Grain and Perpendicular to Grain

                                              Wood Grain Direction

Bond strength

Epoxies are known for their excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance. The bonding power and physical strength of epoxy differ widely depending on the resin blend and hardener used, as well as the material to which the epoxy is bonded. As you can see from the test videos on Youtube, epoxy bonding with wood is incredibly strong and durable.

How long do epoxy tables last?

With proper making and curing, epoxy tables can last for decades without major repair. Epoxy is heat resistant and has great flexural strength. However, epoxy resin does yellow over time, even when not exposed to UV radiation. Applying a good UV-resistant finish coat and not exposing it to direct sunlight can significantly help.

Although epoxy is a durable material, you should still take proper care of your epoxy table to extend its service life. Here are some useful tips for you on how to maintain epoxy tables.

Trending epoxy table styles in the market:

Rectangular Epoxy Ocean Tables Live Edge Walnut

Live Edge Wood and Epoxy River Table with Rocks

Epoxy Resin Table

Epoxy River Tables with Daisy Flower Embed

A wood and epoxy table with some daisy flowers embed in the middle.

Blue Water Resin Table with Maple Leaves Butterfly Rocks – A table of your favorite collections

Custom Epoxy Resin Table

Black Resin Tables with Live Edge Walnut

epoxy resin table

Crystal Resin Live Edge Wood Rive Coffee Table

4 different looking tables that made with wood and clear epoxy.

Epoxy Waterfall Tables with Glowing Blue Resin

A wood and blue epoxy table that the wood and epoxy go all the way down on the left side to the floor, create a waterfall effect.

Glowing Resin Epoxy Tables

Coffee Table With Turquoise Epoxy Resin And Timber Live River Edge For Living Room, Apartment, Office, Kitchen or Farmhouse

Round Epoxy Ocean Coffee Tables

A round epoxy oceanic coffee table with 2 boats inlaid in the resin, pair with hairpin legs

Live edge Walnut Blue Ocean Epoxy Round Coffee Table


If you have any questions, feel free to contact AURTEM or comment below. AURTEM is an American-made company that has been making epoxy tables and other home furnishings for more than 10 years.

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