Shipping Questions

For US orders we would expect your package to be with you within 3-7 business days from the date you get the shipping notification. For Other Countries deliveries it can take up to 1-2 weeks.

This shipping notification will have all of the details you need to track your goodies to your door!

1) Email.

2) Tracking link.

3) Phone.

The import duty and taxes is subject to countries. Please keep an eye on the phone, the shipping company may call you for custom clear purpose. Custom fee may apply.

You may contact our customer service to get an estimate first as well. tempus adipiscing nullam metus.

Product Return Questions

We feel sorry that you are not totally satisfied with your order and would love to return it. It’s totally fine and you may ship it back to

Aurtem 12561 Poinsetta Dr Riverside, CA 92503 Tel: 626 655 8888

For international buyer we do not offer pre-paid return label. But we will issue you full refund when I receive it.

180 day free returns for all US customers.

For international customers, 180 day returns however shipping fees are not included.

We will prepared the prepaid return label for you 🙂

Your refund will be processed when we receive your item.

*If you assembled the item, please disassemble before returning*

*Please ship it back with the original package*

*Try your best to pack it well so no damage during shipping*

We put much effort on the item. Always try our best to provide high end products as well as our outstanding customer service. By any chance if you want to keep the item. We’re sure we could find a way to solve the issues in a better way.

Epoxy Table Product Questions

Free to all US customers. For international customer shipping fee will apply when you check out, ask for tax and duty estimate from customer service.

Customized are welcome, please message us or call us +1 626 655 8888.

Every wood board is difference and unique, so we will send you the similar shape board for you to choose, it will be at least 80% similar, NO possible for 100% since every wood due to every board is unique, we will send you the board picture shown the shape for you to check, as long as you confirmed, we will start to make it.

Wood board example link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJD9ApMfyk8

Using wet cotton cloth wipe the surface. If it’s dirty please add dish soap to cloth to clean it.

We’ll make a wood crate accordingly to protect the table during shipping.

We also purchase insurance for the table during shipping.

We’ll take fully responsibility for any damage during shipping.

Lifetime customer service!

Warranty is one year from the item been delivered. You may also purchase extend warranty from us, please ask customer service. Let us know whenever you have any questions using your item or if you have any concern about it. We will be more than happy to help you! Your satisfaction is our main and only goal!

For more info and videos please check our YouTube Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xLzV_9npP2voPuCzvYEng/videos

The table is made out of solid wood and epoxy resin.

Resin is heat resistant and waterproof and has great flexural strength, meaning it can handle a lot of stress.

I promise our table will last for decades.

You may do any change before we pour the epoxy, once we start making the table, we could not make any change during the making process. Please let us know ahead if you have any other request, will do our best to match it with you desire design.

Top quality, over 10 years in the industry. Lifetime customer support.


For small table (like 1-2 people size table), you may come and pick up.

For large table, we don’t recommend unless you have a truck with loading dock. Beside we don’t have insurance coverage during shipping if you ship it by yourself.

Total Height = legs height + table thickness.

For example, if you want 30″ height as total table height. We recommend you order : 28″ leg height would be enough because our table thickness is about 1.8″ to 2″.

The epoxy table itself is waterproof. The main point is to avoid direct sunlight and rain. So you may use is outdoor if there’s a roof or some sort of cover in the patio, then it’s good to use outside.

  • Talk to us for your custom table
  • Place the order
  • Our team will select the wood board for you to confirm
  • Then will update image during process
  • will send finished product image for you to confirm (we won’t send out if you are not totally satisfied!)
  • Ship out!

The epoxy table will take about at least one month to make and dry out. We need pour several layers to make the table, each layer takes some days to dry out then we can process next step. Plus, the crate and polish and other detail things, it does need that time. But we promise every piece is a master piece and worth the wait!

Clock & Wall Decor Product Questions

Solution to crook/loosen spindles and tighten up the screws, it may cause loose during shipping.

1)Loosen the screw on the back side and turn the spindles to the correct position.

2)Tighten back the screws.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you tighten up the screws, make sure use hand to holding tight the spindles. So the spindles stay in the correct position.

Please do this to fix it:

1) carefully take out the hands (hours hand and minute hand) and cap.

2) Put it back the hands in order, hour hand, minute hnad, the cap. when putting them back, make sure the hands point to 12 o’clock.

3) adjust to the correct hours by using the little wheel on the back size (If you adjust the hands directly, it might fall again).

Please check below how to take out hand and put back hand tutorial.

The steps would be:

  1. measure the distant of the keyholes and mark it on the wall
  2. screw the anchor screw in the wall
  3. screw the anchor
  4. hang the wall.

Done 🙂 Ask for video of your item from us if you need.

Curtain Product Questions

4 things for your information:

  1. For curtain and tulle, we need to times 1.5 of your window width to make the pleated effect.
  2. For Valance, width of the window = width of the valance
  3. Valance only works with rod pocket top processing
  4. The picture shows valance, curtain and tulle, they are ordered separately.

Or please let us your window width, so we can calculate for you and get you a quote. You may live chat us or call us +1 626 655 8888

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