Epoxy Resin tables are becoming more and more like pieces of art as more artists and designers explore new ways to incorporate their signature style. The rising trend emphasizes a combination of natural woods and sleek epoxy that can take on any color. 

We love how the styles highlight the live edge wood and natural grain with various colors of resin.

Here we gather 14 of our favorite gorgeous live edge epoxy tables for your home or office, and we hope you get some inspiration from them.


Live edge Walnut Island Gradient Blue Epoxy Round Coffee Table

A round epoxy oceanic coffee table with 2 boats inlaid in the resin, pair with hairpin legs

With some of the curliest grain patterns we've had the pleasure to come across, this round epoxy coffee table is a real conversation piece. The nature edge and shape of the walnut wood make it the perfect piece to form an island. The dark color edge of the walnut slab makes a rocky steaky edge to the island, adding a 3d dimensional layer look to the table.

Gradient blue from the shore to the deep ocean is really a brilliant idea that created a natural ocean view. And the two sailboats that are cutting through waves bring the table alive! Absolutely one of our favorites to see come together.

Live Edge Zebrano Wood White Resin Epoxy Table

An epoxy table made from live edge zebrano wood and white resin

An absolutely stunning live edge epoxy table that is made from Zebrano wood and titanium white resin. Zebrano wood is fairly hard with good toughness and impact properties. With a special treat, the Zebrano slab reserves its natural edge and figure. The contrast of the wood color and resin makes it a standout piece to your home or office.

White Oak Live Edge Clear Resin Epoxy Desk

This one-of-a-kind live edge epoxy table was created from a pair of  White oak wood slabs and transparent blue resin. White Oak is naturally rot-resistant and strong.

Gorgeous Live edge poplar epoxy ocean and island table

An Epoxy Ocean Table made with poplar wood with blue resin, a heart shape island in the center of the table

This unique table will make everyone look at it with surprise and admiration! Two pieces of nature edge poplar wood form a very interesting ocean flow that everyone can appreciate. A small heart shape island in the middle of the lake is a nice touch. Thanks to the special properties of blue epoxy resin, it conveys diving into the depths of the water and hearing its noise.

Handmade Live Edge Sandalwood Clear Epoxy Desk

Three live edge epoxy desks made from wood and clear resin

These Live Edge epoxy desks are handmade using Sandalwood Burl with tons of curling and figure and filled with crystal clear resin. The clear acrylic table legs give the illusion that the table is floating. Together with transparent resin you can see every single detail of the wood itself. It is one of the most elegant and classic live-edge epoxy tables/desks.

All Slabs are Kiln or air-dried to single-digit moisture levels to create long-lasting quality slabs of the finest hardwoods. 

Poplar Wood Clear Epoxy Resin Coffee Table Rolling Hills Landscape

A table that made from 2 pieces of wood on each side and crystal clear resin in the middle, looks like floating

Finding a poplar wood piece like this one that has a unique texture and color mixture is not easy. The cream yellow and brown of the wood makes a rolling hills landscape. The additional dark brown to the natural edges adds a great layer to this wood resin art.

The crystal-clear resin filled in the middle and the clear acrylic table legs give the illusion that the table is floating. You could also try other color resin like dark blue or green, I bet that will be fun and look great too. Be creative.

Live Edge Rosewood Blue Resin River Epoxy Table

This live edge tabletop is made from 2 pieces of amazing rosewood with tons of curling and figure. The interesting of this table is that both pieces of wood slabs retain natural edges, leaving the table with 2 curve edges in the middle and live edges on both sides of the table. Transparent blue color resin in the middle form a nice still river to the wood. I can imagine how much joy it will be to just sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the character of this wood.

Dark Walnut Live Edge Clear Resin Table Irregular Shape Wood Table

"There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection."

This statement piece is a fun way to show off the beauty of imperfection. We're grateful to have found this walnut wood slab - it's a real conversation piece. We love the straight pattern and the mixture of curls in the wood, its unique cracks, and the way the missing middle part of the wood shows the tree's "history."

This is definitely one of our favorites - it's sure to attract attention and get rave reviews.

Live-edge Walnut Epoxy Ocean Table

Epoxy Resin Table

This 71” long X 31” wide and 2” thick live-edge walnut epoxy tabletop is designed in the shape of a shoreline. Resin in varying shades of ocean blue surrounds natural edge walnut, which appears to be washed ashore and smoothed by waves. You can see rocks and shells embedded in the resin's white sandy beach. The table's unique texture is characterized by its wood grain, color variation, and overall extraordinary appearance. 

Live edge dreamy purple epoxy table galaxy starry sky

Stars inspire us to dream a great dream. This too fantasy to be true piece is an absolutely stunning epoxy table that will catch everyone’s eye.

With different tones of dreamy purple shimmer and blue, it creates an insignificant galaxy starry night. And I think I get the idea of why the designer inlaid only a small piece of natural edge wood on the corner of the table.

Remember, all the pieces are unique and can be 100% customized.

Ebony live edge epoxy table desk

Epoxy Resin river Table

If you like dark color wood live edge tables, this one is a great fit for you. This Live Edge Table is handmade using ebony wood for the top with a blue resin river in the middle. Some carefully selected rocks were inlaid on one side of the river and the island near the end edge of the river, creating nice water slash waves. And the industrial look of the matte black metal legs is such a great addition to the feel of this table/desk piece.

Live Edge Golden Camphor Black Resin Table

A black resin and golden camphor wood table displayed in a room.

The table to make from black resin and golden camphor wood that has a live edge and several nature holes in the wood slab. The black resin flows into the wood holes like a swift current. The contrast of the black resin and bright golden wood creates a strong visual impact. A brilliant addition to your interior in the form of an artisan table, made with special diligence, will not leave you or your guests indifferent.

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