Make your gifts shine this year. Adding a personal touch and beautiful wrapping will make your gifts even more special - and increase the joy and excitement of receiving a gift.

Even though it's done every year without fail, gift wrapping could still need some fresh inspiration with easy yet outstanding designs.

So here are 9 modern ways to show the people you love how much you care before they even open the gift.  

1. Using Christmas Tree

Two Christmas gift wrapped in kraft paper with little Christmas tree.

Wrap your gift with kraft or Christmas red wrap paper, and add a narrow ribbon for decoration. Simply glue the tiny branch tree to the front side of the box. To make it more fun and wintery style, paint some snow on the tree with acrylic paint.

A gift box wrapped in red paper with a pair of pine needle tassels.

Or have some fun with a DIY pine needle tassel, that will also make your gift stand out right away and put a smile on the people who receive the gift.

Try different ways to place the stripes. Even if you use the same paper again and again, your presents will look different due to pattern placement with some stripes running lengthwise, some widthwise, and others on the diagonal.

2. Reindeer Ornament Topper

Christmas gift wrapped with reindeer wrap paper, with red ribbon tied across and a reindeer ornament attached.

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

The reindeer is a symbol of Christmas joy! Wrap your presents in reindeer-patterned paper and add a narrow red ribbon with gold thread details. Thread a plain white gift tag onto a red ribbon. Then position and hot glue a trophy deer ornament in place. Bend greenery into a mini wreath and hang it on the deer ornament.

3. Pinecone inspired

Christmas gift box wrapped in black paper with twine around the right side with pinecone and Christmas tree branch.

Wrap the gift with kraft or black, red paper, thread with twine or narrowed green ribbon, and decorate with evergreens and snowy pinecones. And don’t forget to secure them with hot glue. When painting the pinecones and mini trees, play around with them, and spray some on the wrapping papers. Let it snow!

4. Cookie Cutter Topper

gift box wrapped in sage green wrapping paper, with cookie cutter toppers as decoration for the gift boxes.

Gift box wrapped in sage green wrapping paper, with cookie cutter toppers as decoration for the gift boxes.

Image from Faking It Fabulous                                           

Capture that special Christmas joy with patterned paper and cookie cutters! Wrap your gift in sage green wrapping paper or Christmas red paper. Using thin natural twines to tie the cookie cutters to the wrapped boxes. Finished it off with a simple bow and add a handwritten gift note of the words you want to tell them.

5. Who doesn’t like Toys

Gift box wrapped in kraft paper and two black crossed ribbons on top, with two toy cars sticked on top and left side.

Image from Linesacross

Wrap your gift in simple kraft wrapping paper, then wrap it with two pieces of black wrapping paper across each other on top of that. Then use a white color pen to draw some lines on the black paper, to make them look like roads. Stick the toy cars with a little hot glue that is enough to secure them but also easy to peel off. It doesn’t have to be cars, you can put a toy plane, superman, or anything you like.

6. Let it Snow

box wrapped in kraft paper with several snowflakes in a line on the left side of the box.

Wrap your gift with simple kraft or red paper, placing the stripes on the diagonal, or no stripes at all. Stick several white snowflakes on only one side of the gift box. Spry Add a colorful tag on another side of the box.

7. Gift box stacked snowman

3 different size gift boxes stacked together form a snowman.

Stack 3 different size gift boxes to form the body of a very cute snowman. Stick or draw some buttons as the cloth and eyes, and paint a little pink cute cheek. Wrap a Christmas theme scarf around its neck and put on a red hat will make it look adorable.

8. Greens and berries

A gift box wrapped in stripe-pattern paper with red ribbon, and a swig of red berries.

gift wrapping with kraft wrap paper and berries and evergreens.

Add a sprig of berries with some greens to make your packages extra festive. Bright red add a pop color to a package wrapped in classic brown paper.

9. Three boxes stacked Musical gift

3 various size gift boxes stacked together with 3 circular tags.

image from Better homes & garden

Wrap the different sizes of gifts in Christmas theme wrap papers, wrapping papers with a music sheet pattern is even better. DIY the musical tags with cardstock and decorate them with some rhinestones or anything you like, or simply use a tiny wreath attached to a regular tag.

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