Round epoxy coffee tables bring an element of classic and livelihood to any living room or office. The best round coffee tables have elements of design that stand out, while remaining cohesive with the overall theme of decor.

Aurtem’s round epoxy coffee tables are a mix of classic and contemporary styles that blend well into any living room or office.

Here are some of Aurtem’s favorite round epoxy coffee tables for 2022, and why we love them.


Transparent Blue Resin “underwater cave” Round Epoxy Coffee Table

This “underwater cave” epoxy Table is one of a kind and proves that not all round coffee tables are the same.

What’s great about resin wood tables is that they come in a wide range of colors and designs. The possibilities are limitless and beyond imagination. Inspired by the epoxy ocean river tables, we came across a thought “what about under the ocean?” After dozens of designs and modifications, we’re so happy to see this perfectly made “underwater cave’’ epoxy coffee table.

The terrace field style under the water is really cool, and if you look closely, you can see many layers of “sedimentary rocks”. This incredible illusion is formed by many layers of hand-carved plywood, then stacked together with high pressure, and cast in transparent blue resin.

It’s definitely a signature piece that was worth all the hard work!

Dark walnut splicing wood blue epoxy round coffee table resin Art

This table brings together round elements paired with straight lines and irregular shapes. This round epoxy coffee table was created using 48 small pieces of walnut wood, and cast in eco-friendly blue shimmer resin. Finished in matte for nice wood grain and figure.

Designs like this bring unity, harmony, and variety, making them not just great coffee tables, but also nice decoration art for your walls to any interior design style.

Walnut Live edge Island Gradient Blue Epoxy Round Coffee Table

A round epoxy oceanic coffee table with 2 boats inlaid in the resin, pair with hairpin legs

With some of the curliest grain patterns we've had the pleasure to come across, this round epoxy coffee table is a real conversation piece. The nature edge and shape of the walnut wood make it the perfect piece to form an island. The dark color edge of the walnut slab makes a rocky steaky edge to the island, adding a 3d dimensional layer look to the table.

Gradient blue from the shore to the deep ocean is really a brilliant idea that created a natural realistic ocean view. And the two boats that are cutting through waves bring the table alive!

Absolutely one of our favorites to see come together.

Walnut splicing wood “heart” round epoxy coffee table

Love the massive gorgeous look of epoxy table, but just want something with a little touch this time?  This little love piece is for you.

The round coffee table is made with 46 small walnut wood pieces, together form a perfect heart shape in the center of the table, filled with solid purple pink resin. Finished in glossy for high contrast. It’s nothing fancy, but well made with love.

We love the straight lines pattern and the color mixture of the wood, and burned wood-like accents. Together they add a unique beauty to the table when combine with a pink color heart.

Dark Walnut Curve Edge Round Epoxy Coffee Table with Ocean and Beach

This round coffee table is not only great for a cup coffee, but an extended invitation for some summer drinks and vibe music.

This vibrant coffee table was created using black walnut, curve edge carved by hand, filled with tons of blue resin that covers more than half of the table, forming a massive ocean look that is both unique and eye-catching. The carefully treated waves look very natural and realistic. This unique table will make everyone look at it with surprise and admiration!

One thing in every home around the world and throughout time remains true: coffee tables bring together the hearts and minds of the living room.

Can’t get enough?

Aurtem has a wide variety of epoxy tables, and we’re confident we have just the piece you’re looking for.



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We absolutely take custom orders. Regardless of the size and shape of this listing, we can completely customize it for you.

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