Epoxy ocean river table ideas in 2022: 11 inspired pieces

The ocean has always been a rich source of inspiration for artists. Today we took that inspiration in creating table furniture and bringing the ocean to you – in the form of epoxy ocean tables.

What is an epoxy ocean table?

Epoxy ocean tables are ocean-themed tables look like seashores with beaches and moving tides that made from solid wood and epoxy resin.

Epoxy ocean beach resin table combines model - miniatures - diorama with epoxy, using simple but artistic elements: sand, rocks, seashells, sea star, fish, model trees, boats, and harmonious color mixing, subtle, ... brings the breath of the sea back into your home.

11 most inspired pieces for your epoxy ocean table collection in 2022

We’ve previously made a collection of the best live edge epoxy tables for your home & office and more specifically how to make live edge epoxy tables.

Today, we have for you all 11 pieces of epoxy ocean tables to inspire you! All the wood and epoxy ocean tables are uniquely designed, and hand-made by Aurtem with the best quality and dedicated skills.

Epoxy Ocean Table Live Edge Walnut Surrounded by Blue Ocean

This large epoxy ocean tabletop is designed in the shape of a shoreline. Resin in varying shades of ocean blue surrounds natural edge walnut, which appears to be washed ashore and smoothed by waves. You can see rocks and shells embedded in the resin's white sandy beach. The table's unique texture is characterized by its wood grain, color variation, and overall extraordinary appearance.

Epoxy Ocean Table with Moving Tides and Big Waves

Epoxy Resin Table

The contrast of the dark walnut wood and deep blue water together with big white waves, make this table stand out at no time! Naturally formed wave-like wood grain, adds perfect addition to the ocean table. The waves are breathtaking, creating a surprisingly vivid feel to this table.

Gorgeous Epoxy Ocean and Island Table Live Edge Poplar Wood Table


A gorgeous epoxy ocean table that has creamy yellow wood and blue ocean look

This epoxy ocean and island table is made with two pieces of nature edge poplar wood and transparent blue resin. Unlike other ocean tables, this table features a narrow ocean flow in and out, creates a big lake and gently surrounds an island in the center of the table. This ocean table is a great piece to bring additional joy to your living space.

Dark Walnut “Breeze” Ocean Beach Epoxy Table

This is a large dining table for a big group of family. it can hold 8-10 people at the same time. The slowly spread waves bring the BREEZE to our daily life, diffusing cool into the air during the summer. You can still listen to the sound of the surf, place your body into the sea… The iron legs match well with the tabletop, also easy to assemble, we made the pre-holes so you can just screw them on and enjoy! Every wood is unique and never be copied again. 

Light Walnut Epoxy Ocean Table

A wood and blue ocean epoxy dining table, with white resin waves to the wood edge

Beautiful shades of blue ocean water, white waves crashing on the shore, and embedded seashells will surely make a lasting impression on your guests.

The epoxy ocean table is completely handcrafted by the creative hands of experienced artisans of Aurtem. In Aurtem, we spend many hours working on each ocean table we build to make sure that the tabletops are extremely flat, the waves are breathtaking, the epoxy resin colors are vivid, and the tables will last decades.

Dark Walnut Wood Deep Blue Ocean Epoxy Table

This epoxy ocean table is handmade from a piece of a dark walnut slab with lots of wave-look grain and figure, filled with deep-pour blue resin. The color combination to the walnut wood to resin is really second to none and the small layer of white sand beach is such a welcome addition to the feel of this great piece.

Light Walnut “sandy island” Blue Ocean Epoxy Table

A light-yellow wood and blue ocean wave-look epoxy dining table in a room

If you are an ocean lover and want a realistic view of ocean waves crashing on the beach in your home, an epoxy ocean table will do just that. The sky-blue ocean water slightly crushing on the vanilla color beach, it looks just like one of the beautiful beaches we spent our holidays.

Epoxy Ocean Table with Big Ocean Waves

A large epoxy dining table with dark color wood grain and big ocean waves

This vibrant epoxy ocean table was created using multi-color walnut wood, curve edge carved by hand, and filled with non-toxic blue and white resin, forming a dynamic ocean look that is both unique and eye-catching. The carefully treated waves look very natural and realistic.

Epoxy Ocean Round Coffee Table Live Edge Walnut Island Gradient Blue Resin

A blue ocean looking round coffee table

With some of the curliest grain patterns we've had the pleasure to come across this real conversation piece - a round epoxy ocean coffee table. The nature edge and shape of the walnut wood makes it the perfect piece to form an island. The dark color edge of the walnut slab makes a rocky steaky edge to the island, adding a 3d dimensional layer look to the table.

Gradient blue from the shore to deep ocean is really a brilliant idea that created a natural ocean view. And far away the two boats that are cutting through waves bring the table alive!

Absolutely one of our favorites to see come together.

Epoxy ocean river blue Glow resin table

A wood and deep blue glowing ocean looking table with a set of teacups on it

Beautiful and unique dining table epoxy ocean river table with glow-in-the-dark resin and with acrylic table legs. A perfect and elegant choice for your home or office table.

Table made of multi-color walnut wood with blue glowing pigment addons, epoxy resin that flows into the wood like a swift current. A brilliant modern epoxy ocean table to your interior in the form of an artisan table.

Glow In The Dark Epoxy Ocean Table

A wood epoxy ocean table that with dark color wood and transparent blue ocean flow between the two pieces of wood

At the end of this inspiring epoxy ocean table collection list, we want to bring you this one-of-a-kind one.

This epoxy ocean table is different from others because it glows in the dark without lights! It absorbs daylight during the day, and at night when the lights are off, the glowing epoxy ocean table bottom shines through real sand and rocks.

This handmade epoxy ocean glowing resin table is made from dark walnut wood and transparent blue resin, with glowing pigment powder addons. The dark color wood with a light yellow edge is great, allowing some rich wood grain detail to be featured among the dramatic design.

This unique table will make everyone look at it with surprise and admiration!


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